The art of accepting a gift

Often times during the year, I'll have an irate person (mostly women) mad at me because her husband bought her a fine piece of jewelry or Swiss watch. It seems axiomatic that when someone gives you an expensive gift, even if it's not exactly what you want, you certainly shouldn't blame the giver or the vendor! Accept it in the same loving spirit that it was apparently given.

Mood swings shouldn't get into the act. Be nice, be gracious. Unless it's totally out of form (like when my son bought his wife a Neapolitan bull mastiff), in which case you have the right to be upset. That's not something estrogen could fix.

Remember, when somebody buys a gift for you, they are laying their ego and money on the line. A quick dismissal of their efforts mixed with a pouty face is a rude, crude, and rotten thing to do. I have even had some women call me asking me "How much did this cost?" Of course, we don't tell. The last New Yorker that started with me threatened me with legal action if I didn't disclose the price that was paid by her fiancÚ. I, politely as I could, told her to go F*** herself.

Be nice, be glad that somebody thinks highly enough of you to give you anything.

Dear friend-

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Carl Kenneth Marcus

PS. Remember: proper nutrition, get plenty of sleep, exercise, drink lots of water, and spend some money on your self! Life is not a dress rehearsal. Shalom.