Why People Are Full of Crap:

If lately you've suspected that most people you meet - either in business or social situations - are full of crap, you're right.

As the world gets increasingly complex, fewer people have the intellectual capacity to fathom what's really happening. The human dilemma is such that most people don't want to admit that they are confused and just don't know the right answer. So they try to bullshit you. This does not just happen to lower-end shleppers.  It's critical when it happens in medicine. Doctors are extremely guilty of this. Take everything they say with a grain of salt. That's why the second opinion is very important. I lead a lifestyle where I continually have to make critical decisions regarding health, large purchases of expensive diamonds, and estate jewelry.  And in my repertoire of sources of information, I only have a few mavens that if they don't know, they have enough integrity to say, "I don't know."

When obtaining the proper guidance in financial matters, marital strife, life insurance, or matters pertaining to health, it is critical that you don't get involved with an egotistical blowhard who can't say, "That, I don't know." If they don't use that phrase exactly, listen carefully for ambiguous adverbs such as "generally", "probably", "on the whole", "statistically", or "Basically". If anybody uses the word basically more than once in a couple of sentances, then you must assume that you are dealing with an asshole.

In general, assume that most people are full of shit, and act accordingly to protect your interests. Most people are "full of crap" because of hubris. There is a higher power in the universe and they haven't yet realized, they aren't it.

Dear friend-

I hope that some of our philosophy and hints for better living are a help to you in your daily life. If not, I at least hope that you found some amusing, and were not bored. We have gotten enough calls, and letters to validate these passages. If you have read enough and are ready to move on, that is ok. Get your checkbook and click here to visit our main menu. Hopefully by now you have realized that we are a different kind of company.

My very best regards,

Carl Kenneth Marcus

PS. Remember:  proper nutrition, plenty of sleep, exercise,  lots of water, and spend some money on yourself! Life is not a dress rehearsal. Shalom.