The Art of Holiday Gift Giving.

One must remember that giving a gift could possibly reflect badly on the giver.  For example:  Giving somebody a very expensive, elaborate gift will confuse them, and perhaps make them feel inferior to you.  Most of the gifts that we sell are designed for women and if you've just met a woman, and if you've been keeping company with a woman for a short period of time, it would be outlandish and foolish to give her a gift of great consequence.  If you want to splurge, perhaps a gift to her parents, if you know them, but go easy.  Don't put the recipient on the spot.  Making them insecure and unsure of your motive.  Of course, if it's a chintzy gift, it's a reflection on you.

Remember the gift must match either the occasion or your relationship to the giftee.  Of course, if it's your wife, no gift could ever be too important.  I'm sure she would agree.  If you are going to give a gift to a business associate - at the risk of sounding very Jewish - let me ask: how much business do you do?  If the gift is too big, they'll think you're making a lot of money on them.  This is why watches are such wonderful gifts for men.  Every man on the planet Earth, at one time or another, is going to need a new watch.  Other gifts might include: cufflinks, stud sets, and fine writing instruments (Mont Blanc, etc.) 

Two things to remember should be: Is the gift in good taste, and does it's value match up with the relationship? There is no woman on the planet Earth who ever has enough jewelry.  If this relationship appears to be a lasting one, and if you definitely have some feelings for this gal, don't get her the cheapest thing in sight.   I've been watching the Kay's Jewelry advertisements on TV as of late, and I don't care what they say, you cannot buy a fine pair of 1cttw diamond ear studs for $99.

As with other important occasions in life, one should always look ahead.  Due to the fact that good jewelry lasts virtually forever, it could be considered as a hedge should your woman ever run into a financial crisis.  Crappy jewelry has no market value or liquidity.  During my many thousands of days in my business, I have encountered, on a daily basis, needy women trying to get a mortgage payment or a school tuition paid by selling their jewelry.  A full 90% of the people who come to me do not have decent collateral so if you're buying jewelry, buy good jewelry. And, you should know enough about your wife to know what she likes.  If not, "Houston, we have a problem."  However, a legit jeweler should always provide you with some kind of a money-back guarantee.  Not to mention complete authentication as to the value and gemological makeup of the jewelry.  And, lastly, if you are one of those people who just does not have taste pick a jeweler who has taste (They're not easy to find).

If your budget doesn't allow you to buy a decent piece of jewelry, consider giving your gal a crocodile purse, or a week at the Canyon Ranch, or even "horrors", a fur coat.