What is this thing called Love?

As many of us may have found out, the reality of love never lives up to the myth. Its about as capricious as snorting cocaine. It quickly fades, but while its going on, WOW! WOW! WOW! If you're hooked on it, its a heart breaker, no mate will ever satisfy you, because they can give you everything but variety. I think it aught to be illegal. It's dangerous to one's health, many people have died from it, it turns most people into mindless pieces of crap, and of course leads to the final trauma, getting married. Its unbelievable how many girls' dads, or guys, who end up spending $50,000 for this dress up ceremony, which sometimes is worse than dying. The marriage vows are so much blither, most men are ready to hump anything at the drop of a hat and hit the road fast at any sign of adversity. The Betty Ford Center at Palm Springs would do right if they devoted part of their Hospital to a decompression center for the victims of this malady. There is so much torment involved, it makes me wonder whether Henry The 8th and O.J. were right. Yet, what fools we Mortals be, yet the charade goes on. I urge the love lore, if you're in your right mind, think it over HARD! Make a list for reasons you are in love, and reasons you shouldn't be. If you want to see Love and Marriage in the real, spend an afternoon in the parking lot of a Publix Supermarket, and check out some of these happy homemakers. Jenny Craig could have a tent sale at most of them. Ask your friends, they'll tell you the truth if you're persistent. As an aside I would like to say that some of my most wonderful, grandest times, involved being in love. But as in anything else, you have to pay your dues.

You must work at it. You've got to do sappy mushy things, like sending flowers, remembering anniversaries, planning candle light dinners, purchasing expensive vacations... and even with all of this it could fade on you! When I met my wife, she was married. I had a very lecherous partner in those days. He was one of the owners of Caesar's Palace. He said, "The easiest thing to win over a married women, is to pay attention to her. They don't hear that at home... they don't hear anything! They're taken for granted. That's the way those people from Venus are you know..." You must remember, Love Fades. If you're feeling great now, go for it, this is as good as it gets.

And of course, a new fresh love doesn't have to be much better than the one you are cheating on. It has one thing going for itself. Its NEW, N - E - W, that's what makes it great! Why is this? Who knows? I'm sure glad women aren't like that... or are they?

Dear friend-

I hope that some of our philosophy and hints for living are a help to you in your daily life. If not, I at least hope that you found some amusing, and were not bored. We have gotten enough calls, and letters to validate these passages. If you have read enough and are ready to move on, that is ok. Get your checkbook and click here to visit out main menu. Hopefully by now you have realized that we are a different kind of company.

My very best regards,

Carl Kenneth Marcus

PS. Remember, proper nutrition, get plenty of sleep, exercise, drink lots of water, and spend some money on your self! Remember, life is not a dress rehearsal. Shalom.