In Defense of Flogging...
In Defense of Flogging...

Ever since I read about the young man who was publicly flogged in Singapore, I've been mulling over this idea of punishment and now I think there's definitely a strong basis to bring it back to our society.  Last night while watching the local news, I became aware of a doctor who had set himself up as a cancer specialist and was promising miraculous cures at an egregious price, payable up front.  As it has worked out, he has been injecting his patients with an insecticide.  This doctor seems to be a prime candidate for a vicious flogging, perhaps in the genital areas.  See the article here.

I think that a jail sentence would be much too benign for a creep like this.  Public flogging would send a message to those larcenous bastards who walk among us, and also satisfy the public that crime does not pay, indeed.

Oh, I'm sure that the bleeding hearts would be screaming how it's not humane, but in my seventy years of life, I have not yet discovered any detriment that would positively mitigate somebody's criminal tendencies.  I have witnessed floggings and at one time was a flogging victim and I can attest that it leaves a MOST lasting impression - not only on the floggee, but to those that witness it. And, of course, it is most cost effective.  Of course, the deluxe flogging should include a cup of salt.

Floggings could be televised where the funds received would be dedicated to other more modern punishments.  One example that would get high ratings would be that idiot would screwed with Enron, Mr. Skilling. All of America would be watching, and it could over shadow the World Series. Another benefit would be to race relations. I still suspect that skullduggery is so inherent to the human species that even flogging might not mitigate it.  But, I'll bet one thing - Singapore has not been plagued by vandalism to one's automobile.

Addition to the flogging, this could be another punishment for an egregious crime. The flogging would include salting. And for real assholes, we would use the type of salts that melt the ice on Manhattan streets. I remember my grandmother use to use koscher salt, that was particulary coarse. It would be an appropriate punishments for those politicians who have their hands out for money. Let's all write to our congressmen. Unfortunatly, I do not think it would be received very comfortably.

If I recall, in the 18th century, that in a vain attempt to stop pick-pocketing, the King of England made it a capital offense published by public hanging by the neck until dead.  The Times, on the very next day of the hanging, made mention that many of the spectators who crowded into watch this had their pockets picked.

Such is the human dilemma.  Maybe God's answer is storms, tsunamis, earthquakes, and the Bird Flu.  Never mind the innocent.

Perhaps we can start a movement - the Flogger Party....


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Carl Marcus