Letter to Jimmy Carter...
Letter to Jimmy Carter...

February 06, 2007

Dear President Carter,              

   You have long been one of my favorite former presidents.  I have liked you since the Ted Koppel Nightline days.  Why did I like you? Well, you seemed like a darn downright honest man, a man of the soil who said it as it was.  Recently, I found some evidence that that is not what you are.  This evidence has knocked you off that pedestal.  I was advised that you had an anti-Semitic streak, which certainly enraged me in light of the fact, including myself, gave you our votes.  One of the remarks that brought this on, you were reported to have called the American press, “Jewish dominated.” I guess there is no denying that one is to examine closely the type of human habitat of complex construction, you are just going to find a lot of Jews.  Like for instance, you will not find the likes of Ted Koppel as a side show Barker.

   I guess it must be very aggravating to you gentiles to see that everywhere you turn in a heavy intellectual environment, you will find a Jew in the middle of it.  I must admit that sometimes I find it embarrassing.  After enjoying a great motion picture, when looking at the credits, all you can see is Jewish names.  Lately, I have gotten into genetics and like horse racing, genes are passed on, and it seems that the Jews just come from one devil of a gene pool.  To make an analogy, we can use African Americans.  With their twitch muscles, they just seem to make more success on the playing field.

   The last instance of what seemed like your overt anti-Semitism was brought to my attention a week or so ago by a most gentle retired neurologist in Florida who sent me some data that you still were still willing to work  as a negotiator to bring peace to the Middle East.  I was stunned to hear that part of the conditions of the talk would be Jews were to stop some type of rudimentary defense of actions that they were engaging in, but that the Palestinians did not have to stop their insurgent tactics such as car bombing, et al.  That whole thing seemed grossly unfair.  The other day someone sent me a watered down apology from you after making that statement. What is getting to you Mr. Carter?  Maybe some of that money we are paying the Secret Service to guard you should be put into 24-Hour custodial care with someone around to muzzle your mouth for when you blurt out these utterances.

   Unless your retirement has totally scrambled your brains, just enjoy your retirement at civic expense, and get off this jag you are on and leave the Jews alone.   Mr. Carter, you are going to have to get used to being in the company of Jewish people, because we have the magic touch.    I have recently been entranced by a book purports to totally and unequivocally tie up the human race with animals.  Of course, most of the naturalists who made these important observations were Jewish.  But seriously, it does show that the gene pools of all human creatures, when mixed with natural selection and territorial rights, are similar.  Every now and then I will find a really dumb Jewish person.  As a matter of a fact, I have one working for me. Such is life.   

   Now you be good down there and mind your peanuts. I wish you God bless and good health.  

Best Regards,


Carl Marcus

Chairman & CEO
Capetown Diamond Corporation