Dear Senator Clinton
Dear Senator Clinton


Dear Senator Hillary Clinton,

I watched your speech last night, 1/31/2008, and I was most impressed. You exuded intelligence, and surprisingly some warmth.  In discussing health care, which is a real problem, there may not be any clear cut answers.  As an American citizen, I am willing to take on some of the responsibility via taxation, but I think that the responsibility should also fall to the participant.  Smoking, overweight, poor diet & lack of exercise all contribute to ill health and a shortened life span.  Healthcare management in America is a responsibility we all have to bear. It can’t just be on the government’s shoulders.  People who are a burden on the healthcare system should have to participate in a government program to lessen that burden.  You looked very fit last night, at least on the television. Maybe some pictures of you eating broccoli might lead some citizens to believe you practice what you preach. 

The CNN presentation about healthcare that followed the Democratic debates last night was chilling.  Anybody with a modicum of intelligence and foresight should be moved to change their lifestyle, but if there are a bunch of uncaring schmucks, I do not want to have to pay for them.  Of course we cannot play God.  There should be some sort of criteria that would advise someone if they are eligible.  I know this seems like mind control, but as Alexander Hamilton said, “If you give the common man freedom of law, he will probably enslave himself.”

At any rate, I like your style.  I am in the midst of designing a Hillary Clinton model Lady’s Rolex President that will include a turquoise diamond face.  Have someone on your staff call to discuss the ramifications, if any, of an expensive gift like that would impose on you. My toll free number is 800.442.7866. Additionally, I would not be opposed to sending you a donation check.  Have someone contact.

As proof that I am not a dingbat, you might want to mention the name Carl Marcus to Max Cleland of Georgia.  You’ve got 5 votes from my firm.  If there is any way I can help with your campaign, please advise.

Wishing You Victorious in Your Campaign,

Carl Marcus