Nothing is as Terrible When Good Men Fail to Renounce a Wrong.
Nothing is as Terrible When Good Men Fail to Renounce a Wrong.

December 3, 2007

Let us talk about the subprime mess.  Who in this country gave those larcenous empty suits in our mortgage companies the right to dig into client’s money, and make unworthy loans.  Our government regulatory systems must come into play to prevent these Ponzi schemes from ever happening again. Who could ever imagine that some mendicant could be brought into a bank and sold a valuable piece of property with no money down, nor would this person have to document their income.  It just doesn’t make any sense.

It seems to me that every one of these people in charge of other people’s money should be brought to task, as to where they got the unmitigating gall to give away other people’s money, thereby almost paralyzing our economy, maybe even the worlds.  Someone should be flogged for this. I for one do not want to stand for it. I am going to reach out to the regulatory agencies that let this horror occur and see why they didn’t do anything.

Worst then global warming, their acts were global impairment. I have always taken a dim view to those empty headed suits called mortgage brokers.  I just knew they were full of crap.  Flipping real property indeed!  I would like to see the culprits flung out a ten story window.  Maybe we will get an attorney general who is not another windbag, and can do something. 

Any idea you may have to bring this larcenous group to task, I will do the grunt work.


Carl Marcus

Chairman & CEO
Capetown Diamond Corporation